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About Us
For the Love of the Dance

We are the proud dancers of the Croatian Folklore Ensemble Zrinski Frankopan.  

Many of us danced as small children, many as teens, some even in our early twenties. Some of us never danced at all, but we all share one thing in common ... our love of "kolo" and Croatian dance.  Our love of the dance has brought us back to the stage and we have been inspired to carry on the legacy of Nikola Vrdoljak and his beloved folklore ensemble Zrinski Frankopan.  

Our non-profit organization aspires to preserve and promote the richness and beauty of our Croatian culture through folklore, dance and music. Our goal is to introduce Canadians to the beauty of Croatian folklore, and instill a better understanding and appreciation of our heritage.  

All you have to do is watch us dance, and you will know it comes from the heart. 

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